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Art workshops at the Atkinson School

Posted on: 25 April 2017

During last term’s Art Week, the students at the Atkinson School had the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops:

  • Animation with the artist Anna Arroussi
  • Photography with Matthew Pontin from FOTO NOW
  • Screen printing with George Barron from Exeter’s Double Elephant

The print project with Double Elephant was based on PLACE.  David Myers, our Art teacher, worked with the Atkinson students the week leading up to the workshop, choosing images of the towns and cities they came from.  These images were then passed to George Barron who transferred them to printing screens.  Once the printing screens were complete, each student was able to produce a multi colour screen print from their images.  As you can see, there were some excellent results which have been entered into this year’s Koestler Awards in London.  The screen prints are also going to be used to create a display in the Atkinson School corridor gallery in the next few weeks.