Mental health diagnosis and support


We have a Consultant Psychiatrist Doctor who works at the Atkinson. He is able to provide excellent clinical support to the Psychologist and Mental Health Social Worker.

He oversees the case management of all the young people in our care and is able to offer diagnosis and clinical advice in order to support and guide the professionals who are caring for the children on a daily basis.

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team meet regularly to discuss each child and continually monitor their needs and development. Together they work towards understanding young people and developing formulations that inform general practice and future planning.


Our Psychologist who works at the Atkinson is able to offer guidance and insight into young people’s behaviours  and carry out psychometric testing where appropriate – for example exploring ADHD presentations or behaviour linked to attachment disorder.

She works closely with our mental health social worker and psychiatrist to ensure we have a well rounded, holistic approach to young people’s care that is also guided on excellent communication with all the professionals in the home.

Mental Health Social Worker

Our Mental Health Social Worker spends two days per week at the Atkinson. He is able to offer support and guidance to the staff about the mental health needs of young people in our care.

He has an extensive history of working with damaged young people and their families and can offer both individual sessions to young people and family sessions.

He is able to offer local authorities insight into understanding the risk taking behaviours of young people in our care and advise on how best to manage them while they are with us.