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We have robust measures in place to minimise the risks of the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 into Atkinson.  We have intensified infection control measures and support everyone across the home to take care of themselves, including appropriate social distancing arrangements along with PPE as and when required.  We cannot allow anyone to enter the Atkinson Home who has, or has any symptoms of; or is living in the same household as someone who has; or has any symptoms of Covid-19.  Please read the Statement of Purpose for further details around Covid-19.

About us

We believe that all children and young people who have experienced abuse should be supported by professionals who fully understand the impact of trauma emotionally, socially and physically.We are committed to delivering therapeutic holistic interventions through trauma informed practice.

We have been specialising in the welfare needs of young people for over 30 years and young people are placed with us due to either having a history of absconding or are likely to abscond, likely to suffer significant harm or likely to injure themselves or others.

Our home provides a nurturing and caring atmosphere which develops young people’s confidence and self-esteem. All staff are trained in attachment, trauma and restorative approaches enabling us to effectively manage behaviour and repair relationships.
What type of secure children’s home is Atkinson?

We are a national purpose-built secure children’s home managed by Devon County Council providing full residential care, healthcare and education on site in dedicated facilities. Our home can accommodate up to 10 young people who are aged between 10 and 17 years and accommodated under section 25 of the Children Act 1989.

There are 14 secure children’s homes in England and Wales. Seven of them are welfare-only (where children and young people are placed in security for their own welfare by their local council and the court).The remaining secure children’s homes are for sentenced young people via the Youth Custody Service.

Darren Beattie – Registered Manager

What's new?

Ofsted assurance visit

We are delighted with feedback from the recent Ofsted assurance visit which consisted of two days virtual inspection and one day on site.  The inspectors said that “the children benefit from well-planned care provided by a staff team which shares … Continue reading

Just Right State

The Just Right State (JRS) is being delivered as part of a programme to support the staff and young people at Atkinson to explore and develop self-regulation and co-regulation skills.  The programme is eight weeks long and includes exploration of individualised … Continue reading

Refurbished living areas at Atkinson

We were lucky enough to attract a grant from the DfE in 2019 to help with the financing of our refurbishments.  Works commenced to transform the living areas of the home late 2019 and continued over the Christmas break into … Continue reading