Welcome to Atkinson

“We help children and young people to manage their emotions.


“We provide a safe and secure home for up to 10 young people aged 10-17. Young people stay with us on a temporary basis when they are experiencing crisis in their lives because they are placing themselves and others at risk, or have a history of absconding from previous placements.


“We offer positive intensive support to each young person, giving them opportunities to develop to their full potential. And we reduce their risk so they can return to a positive lifestyle in the community.”

Darren Beattie, Atkinson Manager

What's new?

Atkinson has just been awarded funding by DFE to support the STAIRS project.

For Atkinson, this will mean additional psychology time for our young people and we will be working with the National STAIRS team to embed this practice across the home. Continue reading

Koestler Awards 2016

This year, there were over 6,700 entries and there are only 190 artworks chosen for the exhibition, so to have a piece of art selected from Atkinson is a great achievement Continue reading

New exciting facilities – improving Atkinson

To improve the living environment in our home, we currently have several facility projects underway. The aim is complete them all by summer 2016. Find out what these include... Continue reading