Who comes here?

Who comes here?

Many young people could have experiences of rejection, significant loss or change. Some may have suffered some emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Our team has the skills and empathy and vast experience to help and support children and young people throughout their time in Atkinson.

Our team has developed significant strategies to challenge each young person’s expectation of life. The positive, supportive and nurturing environment that we provide very often contrasts with the previous life experiences of the young people who we look after.

For many young people, it is the first time that they have lived in a home where they receive such a high focus of care and support, allowing them the opportunity to gain insight into how their life is significantly different to their peers in society.

They are then enabled to understand the concerns people have had for their welfare and safety, which led to the secure order being made. Our support planning helps young people reduce their risk and return to a positive lifestyle in the community.

Why young people stay with us

There are many reasons why children and young people aged 10 to 17 may join us at Atkinson, including:

  • actual abuse or serious risk of abuse
  • absconding and placing themselves or others at risk
  • challenging behaviour
  • extreme self-injuring behaviour
  • family breakdown
  • high risk-taking behaviour
  • risks to themselves or others
  • significant mental health issues
  • victims of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Please note that Atkinson is purely a welfare-only home for temporary stays – this could be 72 hours or a few months. Atkinson is not a prison for young offenders. Atkinson ceased being one of these secure units in 2006.

The courts make the decision to place children and young people in a secure home.