Refurbished living areas at Atkinson

Dining Room

We were lucky enough to attract a grant from the DfE in 2019 to help with the financing of our refurbishments.  Works commenced to transform the living areas of the home late 2019 and continued over the Christmas break into the New Year (2020).  Unfortunately, the project work stopped abruptly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and contractors downed tools in March only to restart again in May picking up where they left off.  The dining room, lounges, life skills kitchens, corridors and courtyard have undergone massive change and substantial improvement and our young people have benefited hugely as a result of the more homely environment and pleasing aesthetics.  The lounges are now much more welcoming and the dining area along with its “fish tank and fire place” provides an inviting space for our young people to meet up and eat in.  Our thanks to West Country Maintenance Services whose employees worked during the day, into the evenings and at weekends to ensure the project was completed within the given timeframes and to Devon Interiors for the design work and supply of the fittings (particularly during these very testing times).  Working together, the team has achieved a magnificent result/finish.

  Old Dining Room

New Dining Room!