Koestler Awards 2018

2018 has been another very successful year for our students in the annual Koestler Awards.  This year, the Atkinson Home has 59 pieces of visual art entered into the awards, produced by 24 different young people.  This includes;

Koestler Gold Award – 1

Under 18s Special Awards – 10 (one of these is the group award for six students)

Highly Commended Certificates – 20

Commended Certificates – 42

Participation Certificates – 10

Altogether 89 separate visual art certificates.  One of our young people has a piece of her work in the final exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall for six weeks from mid September till the end of October.  This is a fantastic achievement as there are only approximately 200 pieces in the exhibition from over 7,500 entrants.

We also have five pieces of work by five different young people appear in the Koestler “I’m still here” art from the Koestler Awards book.  All in all, a great achievement!

hands    police van painting