The start of a new academic year and looking back at last year…

drawing of world with hands around it in a heart shape

2017-18 was a busy and productive year at the Atkinson School, for both students and staff. Staff have worked proactively to engage and, in many cases, re-engage the students with education.  We are constantly looking for that learning opportunity to “hook” them into learning. The hard work of the students and staff has been rewarded with many individual successes regarding attendance, progress and qualifications gained over 2017-18.

The general trend of attendance is up, compared to the previous year and the education team are working towards developing this figure further over the coming year. Student progress in Maths and English remained generally in line with the previous year and remains very encouraging. The percentage of qualifications achieved by the students increased significantly over this period, compared to the 2016-17 academic year.

It was very pleasing to see that the visual arts certificates that the students were awarded by Koestler also increased on last year. The education team and home staff are very proud of the students’ achievements and look forward to building upon these.

Well done!