Young people’s views

“When I first came to Atkinson I felt nervous as I arrived and saw the gates. But when I came into the lobby I was more relaxed because it was calm and quiet.”


“Jim was the member of staff who inducted me and he was really nice and he made me feel welcome. We went into the conference room where there was artwork on the walls which changed my opinion of the home.”


“The staff are very welcoming and bubbly and they make me feel safe.”


“I like the layout of both sides of the home, Brentor and Haytor. I also like the layout of the lobby as you first come in as you’re away from all the other things that are going on.”


“I love the garden, with the chickens and the poly tunnel. It’s nice to see so many colourful plants. I have had a lot of input with looking after the chickens and building them a mud bath. This is something I’ve really enjoyed.”


“My three month stay at Atkinson has saved my life and has helped me to make a new start to a clean and healthy lifestyle. I have put on three stone in weight and am now leaving and feeling like a different person.”


“I like the home so much that I wouldn’t know what to change about it. But I think the school needs a few big changes so that people’s minds can work and concentrate on things worthwhile.”


“Now I’m leaving and have had great support throughout and I’d just like to say thanks you to everyone at the Atkinson for being a brilliant influence in my life. And I will never forget my time here at Atkinson.”