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Referring social workers

From May 2016, referrals for secure welfare placements are made through the National Secure Welfare Commissioning Unit (NSWCU). The NSWCU has been created to provide a dedicated single point of contact for secure welfare placements and streamline the process of finding the most suitable placement matching the individual needs of each young person needing secure care. All available options for each young person are considered, enabling informed decisions about the most appropriate placement.


If you have any follow up queries please call Atkinson on 01392 457999.

Our Devon procedures

Referring social workers should also refer to the procedure that applies to children placed in secure accommodation in Devon. Download the Word document:

the policy contents includes:

  1. Purpose of Secure Accommodation Reviews
  2. Timing of Secure Accommodation Reviews
  3. Chairing of Secure Accommodation Reviews
  4. Secure Accommodation Review Panel
  5. Arranging a Secure Accommodation Review Panel
  6. Preparation for Secure Accommodation Reviews
  7. Conducting the Secure Accommodation Review
  8. After the Secure Accommodation Review.

Here at Atkinson we understand that placing a young person in a secure environment can be a challenging and stressful process both for the young person and the professionals that are caring for them. That’s why we aim to provide a professional and supportive service that guides everyone through the process.

As one of England’s leading welfare-only secure children’s homes, Atkinson has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to Section 25 Welfare Orders.