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Can I have visitors?

Yes. We know that it is important for you to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can have visitors from Monday–Friday 3.30pm–8.00pm, and weekends and holidays 9.00am–8.00pm.

All visits have to be booked in advance by calling us on 01392 457999  and we will give your parents/carers a leaflet about visiting Atkinson when you arrive here.

Visitors, such as your family, may want to bring you pocket money. We will look after any pocket money for you to make sure it is kept safe. We will also need to check any letters to make sure you aren’t being given anything harmful or illegal.

You can have two visitors at any one time. Any visitors under 18 must be accompanied by someone older. Visits are usually up to two hours, but can we can be flexible depending on circumstances.

If there is someone you don’t want to see please tell your key worker. If you are concerned about seeing someone, let us know and a member of staff can support you.

Can I phone my family?

Yes. You can make telephone calls from 3.30pm- 8.30pm on school days and between 8.30am-8.30pm on weekends and in the holidays. You can phone your parents/carer, your social worker or your youth worker at any time from our office phone, but you must ask permission first.

Your family and your social worker can also call you on this line, and they will be given the number when you come to stay at the Atkinson. We don’t allow any mobile phones in the home.

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