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Education assessment

Every young person admitted to the home will undertake an educational assessment in order to develop an individual education programme. Our education team recognises the importance of teaching in situations where failure may repeat previous negative experiences.

The aims of the education within the home therefore include:

  • Enabling each child to effect change necessary to support a return to mainstream schooling or further education.
  • Enhancing self-worth by enabling students to experience success and cope with failure. This is aided by each young person having concrete evidence of his or her attainments in the form of a Record of Achievement.
  • Providing a safe working environment in which students can begin to take responsibility for their behaviour and the environment by establishing a sound work ethic and self-discipline.
  • Developing competence in basic communication skills and respect for the needs of peers and others in society.

16+ Education

Young people over 16 will be expected to undertake mixed programmes of education and work experience linked, where possible, to local Colleges of Further Education or to nationally accredited qualifications, which they can obtain within the home.